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HSEQ Policy

HSEQ Policy

At Pan-African Maritime Solutions, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) in all our operations. Our goal is to prevent accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses, protect the environment and prevent pollution, and continuously improve our HSEQ performance. We promote a culture of safety and environmental awareness and provide adequate resources to achieve these objectives.

We recognize that HSEQ is an integral part of our business and we aim to integrate it into all our operations. We will strive to ensure that our employees, contractors, and visitors are aware of and adhere to our HSEQ policies and procedures.

Our HSEQ and compliance policy is designed to be consistent with our values and business objectives. We will focus on the following key areas:

  • Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, and visitors
  • Protecting the environment and preventing pollution
  • Complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards
  • Promoting a culture of safety and environmental awareness
  • Providing adequate resources to achieve our HSEQ objectives
  • Continuous improvement of our HSEQ performance